If you are a resident of Orlando and specifically Winter Park, chances are, you have heard of Great Clips. There is a location in almost every area of Orlando. However, a multitude of locations doesn’t mean that they are the right choice for hair – quantity does not always equal quality. Finding the right hairdresser is a lot like dating – ideally, you want to find someone that knows what kind of hair you have and won’t treat you like just another person in their chair. We’ve covered how salons like Hair Cuttery are franchises – which means that you are not getting the same level of service as you would from a professional. Great Clips is also a franchise, so your chances of getting quality services have diminished. Find out why you should skip Great Clips and go with a hairdresser such as Vinaccia Hair Goddess professional.

The Great Clips Value Vs Vinaccia Hair Goddess

Great Clips’s business is based on the discount haircut – where someone can get a basic haircut for a very cheap price. Haircuts start at $14 and other prices are inexpensive. When you go to a place like Great Clips, you are getting a cheap price. The caveat is that because of this cheap price, you aren’t going to get anything extensive or complex. When you get your hair done at the Great Clips, they’re trying to get you in and out – after all, you’re just another number to them. All of these factors can be problematic if you have specific needs such as colored hair or textured hair. Let’s say you want to get Instagram-worthy pink hair or balayage with braids- the stylists aren’t experienced enough to handle it. Despite the low prices, Great Clips is not accommodating to your needs.

Quality of Products at Great Clips

Hair Goddess professional styling client

Great Clips carries many of the standard brands that you will find in any salon – Matrix, Tigi, Paul Mitchell, Redkin Etc. Many of these products typically perform very mediocre – good but not great. These are not the best haircare products on the market. There are other brands that perform much better than your run-of-the-mill hair brands. Vinaccia Hair Goddess carries common brands such as Joico. However, Vinaccia also carries high quality hair products that are hard to find in other salons. Here are just a few of the high-quality haircare products that can be found at Vinaccia Hair Goddess: Olaplex, Moroccan Oil, Ouidad, Oribe, and Davines. The quality of the products used, the services offered and the skills and experience all make huge difference.


Choose a Professional Salon Like Vinaccia Hair Goddess Instead of Great Clips

Who doesn’t want a good hairdresser? The perfect hairdresser is a professional hairdresser who understands your hair, listens to you and knows how to work with your type of hair. There are many differences between a professional like Vinaccia Hair Goddess and Great Clips. Some of the staggering differences are having experienced hairdressers, high-quality hair products, and quality, reliable service.

The Vinaccia Hair Goddess Salon Experience

Vinaccia Hair Goddess is located in charming Winter Park in Orlando. Even just stepping into the elegant salon feels like a glamorous treat, especially when you are strolling down the tree-lined brick roads of Morse Blvd. You won’t get that same feeling when you step into a corporate chain like Great Clips. When you step into Great Clips you are greeted like “just another customer”. However, when you step into Vinaccia Hair Goddess’ stunning Winter Park hair salon, you are warmly greeted by Jenn from Vinaccia Hair Goddess, and offered a glass of champagne. Jenn from Vinaccia Hair Goddess is a professional who keeps up with her customer’s needs and expectations.

Jenn at Vinaccia Hair Goddess gives all of her customers the royal treatment. When you visit a hair chain like Great Clips, you’re just another walk in customer – there is no personalized service, or high end professionalism. At corporate hair chains, they get you in and out without any extra attention. When you are paying low prices at Great Clips, you aren’t going to get a professional. You are just another “number” to them.  Regardless of what hair chain you go to, you will not get professional service.

Service and Skill

A chain hair salon such as Great Clips cannot match the service and skill offered at a high-end salon such as Vinaccia Hair Goddess.  Jenn is a trained color specialist and professional hairdresser who has been in the industry for over 15 years. Since she is the owner of Vinaccia Hair Goddess, Jenn takes her business very seriously. Jenn hand selects her own products, keeps up with the latest hair trends and taught herself the science of hair care. In contrast, a hair salon chain such as Great Clips tends to employ inexperienced and mediocre stylists. Since they aren’t running their own business, they won’t have the same level of pride, enthusiasm, and urge to offer exceptional customer service. Just take a look at some of the worst experiences at Great Clips.

Finding the right hair dresser is all about finding the perfect fit of jeans. Sometimes, you have to invest in something quality to feel fabulous. Jenn listens to your needs, values hair health and is passionate about all things hair. Vinaccia Hair Goddess is going to transform your hair to the best you’ve ever seen.

If you’re still on the fence about Vinaccia Hair Goddess, you can always get a complimentary consultation first. It never hurts to try. It makes a difference when you visit a professional hair dresser like Jenn at Vinaccia Hair Goddess. Jenn is located on 157 E Morse Blvd. Winter Park, FL 32789. Ready to transform your hair’s look, feel and vitality? Schedule an appointment today. Call Jenn at 407.900.3656 or set one up here.