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Thank you for choosing Vinaccia Hair!

Vinaccia Hair offers professional hair color services and more in Winter Park, FL. If it’s your first time with me and you’d like to book an appointment, start by filling out the New Guest Consultation and Appointment Request Form at the bottom of the page.

After I receive your request, I’ll email you with appointment possibilities within 48 hours Tuesday – Friday. If you don’t see my reply check your spam folder, search for Vinaccia Hair.

When your appointment is set you’ll receive a text and email confirmation then an appointment reminder 3 days before you appointment. 

While you’re getting color we can wax or tint your eyebrows, and tint your eyelashes.  You can also get a Mini Facial with medical grade Infrared + Near Infrared Light & Microcurrent treatments at the fraction of the cost and time you would spend booking those services separately. My busy ladies on the go LOVE that they can combine services and pamper themselves all in one session!

I do not offer intense Blonding services such as Double Process blonde (on-the-scalp bleach and tone, Platinum card) or whole head fantasy colors.

My blonding style is more natural, lower maintenance, and dimensional, This means more of your natural hair color will be visible and used for depth. Clients usually touch up this type of color every 8 to 12 weeks or longer.

To find out more if I’m the right stylist for you please visit my MEET JENN page.  

To see photos of my work visit my PORTFOLIO page, if you see something you’d like for yourself save it to show me. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, it’s probably not something I specialize in or offer. But I will happily refer you to another hairstylist that does!

The prices below are based on optimal conditions, the service price will be higher if:

  • Your hair is long, past your bra strap or you have more hair per square inch than most and need a heavy duty pony tail holder.  You will require more product than someone with shorter or finer hair and will take longer to apply it.
  • Your hair texture is coarse. This means each individual hair strand is thicker than normal.You will take longer to lift and you will need more product.
  • Your natural hair color is dark brown/black hair or has been colored in the last two years. (especially if it was with a box!)  If you want blond highlights it will take almost twice as long to lift as someone whose natural hair color is lighter and may not lift past orange.
  • Your last color or highlight appointment was over 3 months ago.  You will require much more product than someone that comes every 4 – 8 weeks.

Beautiful Color

with Complimentary Blow-Dry Style

Great if your highlights have gotten dull/brassy or your natural hair color needs something extra!

Blend the line between your new growth and old highlights, add depth, and refresh ends.  

Roots to Ends. Cover your gray, lighten or deepen your natural hair color, or create vibrancy (reds/coppers). 

High Maintenance $125 – $140+ Booked every 4 – 6 weeks

Low Maintenance $140+ Booked every 6 – 12 weeks

Get more time between color appointments and you don’t mind some gray showing. Your natural hair color, or slightly lighter, is woven and foiled throughout. Includes a gloss to add shine and even tone. 

If you have long and/or thick hair and/or it has been more than eight weeks since your last color service, the ending price could be an additional $15 – $45 to cover the extra product and time needed.

Color + Dimensional Highlights

Highlights for Contrast with Base Color

Includes Gloss, K18 Treatment, & a Blow-Dry Style

Add some dimension for a more multi-faceted look with your haircolor! You will see more of your base color with slightly lighter strands for a more natural look. If you are looking to see less base color and more blonde please choose a service from the Blonding Menu.

COLOR + MINI Starts @ $175 

COLOR + PARTIAL Starts @ $195

COLOR + WHOLE HEAD Starts @ $250

If you have long and/or thick hair and/or it has been more than eight weeks since your last color service, the ending price could be an additional $15 – $45 to cover the extra product and time needed.

Because of the aggressive nature of highlights a trim is highly recommend to seal the ends and repair damage.


Highlights, Balayage, Dimensional, or Lived-In
Any Services that requires Lightener

Includes a Gloss, Treatment, and a Blow-Dry Style

MINI BLONDING  Starts @ $125+
Money Piece or Peek-a-Boos. For the guest that just wants something a little bit extra!

Lighter pieces placed around the face and throughout the top.

Low-Maintenance Dimensional $170+
High-Mainteenance Blended $200+ 

For the guest who wants to maintain their blonded look with lighter pieces placed throughout the entire head.  

Low-Maintenance Dimensional $265+ 
High-Maintenance Blended $320+

Base Color for a “Lived In, Rooted” look, gray coverage or blending add $30

For a “whole head, all your ends blond look” when this is your first time, or it’s been over 2 years from your last blonding service please book a service from the “Modern Transformations” menu.

Add depth or break up your blonde to add dimension or blend gray.

If you have long and/or thick hair and/or it has been more than 12 weeks since your last color service, add an additional $15 – $45 to cover the extra product and time need to complete the service.

Modern Transformations

Includes the "Works"
Color, Gloss, Treatment, Trim and Blow-Dry Style

These services are for Guests that want a same day BIG change who have NEVER had highlights/balayage or it has been 2 or more years since you last had a blonding service. Services usually take about 3-4 hours or more so be prepared to sit and make sure to eat before hand!

This Modern Blonding service is designed to offer a long session appointment for someone wanting a big transformation in one session to achieve a melted blonde. More blond than base color. 


This Blonding service is designed to offer a long session appointment for someone wanting a big blonde transformation in one session. You’ll see more blonde than base color that is blended versus a Dimensional look.

This service is designed for clients who are needing a dimensional blonde transformation in one session that will add more blonde and depth to create both lightness and depth. You’ll see more of your base color with this look.

This service is designed for clients who are looking for a big transformation with modern foiling and melting techniques. Perfect for super dark brunettes who want a lighter burnette color that is less warm but blend

While You Process...


Add a Haircut to your Color or Blonding Service $45

Short to Medium Hair Length Haircut $75
Long Hair Haircut  $90+

Dry Haircut
Hair that is cut and customized while dry (no shampoo or blow-dry) $55+

Eyebrows and Eyelash Services

Eyebrow Wax and Shaping   $20 
Eyebrow Tint Deepen, Lighten, or to cover gray   $12
Eyelash Tint Good-Bye Mascara!  $15

High-Quality Hair Treatments

K-18 Molecular Hair Repair $25
Moisture Mask $15
Highlight Brightener  $25
Color Pigment Reducer | Chlorine+Mineral Build-up Deep Detox $50

Facial Treatments

Mini Facial with Infrared Light + Near Infrared Light Treatment and Microcurrent Stimulation $55 

Step 1 – Infrared + Near Infrared Light Treatment (Step 1 only $15)
Low-wave length red light improves your skin’s appearance, such as reducing wrinkles, scars, redness, and acne. Stimulates ATP Production and Collagen!

Step 2 – Eminence Organics Mini Facial with Microcurrent Treatment( Step 2 only $40)
Nourish and treat your skin with Emminence Organic products followed by a Microcurrent treatment. Electrical current is applied to the skin with a small handheld device that delivers a series of gentle impulses to the facial muscles, helping to lift, firm, and tighten the skin. Non-invasive treatment that assists in diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improving the texture, tone, and appearance of the skin. 

Ready for the best hair of your life?

**As a colorist I am not taking on any new "Haircut only" clients unless you are VERY flexible with your scheduling**

At this time I’m not accepting any new “Haircut or Saturday only” Guests, New Guests must book a color service or schedule Tues-Friday

I'm usually booked out 2-3 weeks from today's date. If you need an appointment sooner I'll put you on my waitlist if I get a cancellation, but there is no guarantee.

New Guest Consultation and Appointment Request Form

Your experience starts by filling out my New Guest Consultation when requesting your first appointment. I will review your appointment request and send you a welcome message to gather more details and prepare you for your first appointment with me within 48 hours Tuesday – Saturday. 72 hours prior to your appointment, you will receive a confirmation text, this is the perfect time to make any adjustments to your appointment. 

I’m usually booked out a week but I can add you to my waitlist to be called if I get a cancellation.

At this time I’m not taking on NEW Haircut or Saturday “only” clients.

I have some immunocompromised clients and take Covid seriously.  If you are uncomfortable with wearing a mask during your visit I kindly ask you to please not book with me at this time but check back in 60 days. 

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