Vinaccia Hair Goddess is Fully Vaccinated and Following COVID Guidelines

Vinaccia Hair Goddess has recently had several clients reach out about masks, COVID guidelines, and whether Jenn Lenos is vaccinated. At Vinaccia Hair Goddess, we take health, safety, and sanitation very seriously. The salon is following COVID guidelines for Orlando hair salons. See below for salon guidelines and our plans for how we are handling […]

Busting the Dirty Hair Myth

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We’re all guilty of it when we notice that appointment approaching. Forgoing the overdue shower that our hair desperately needs… We add a few more dashes of dry shampoo. We spritz a little perfume in our strands to prolong the freshness. All because someone, somewhere claims the dirtiness contributes to our service. A better color, […]

Bonne Vie Hair Salon in Orlando Florida

     Bonne Vie Salon has held the title of being the best hair salon in Orlando, Florida for years. From our featured products, to our stylist’s higher touches, you will experience pampering second to none. Many of our stylists have over 20 years of experience in the hair industry and have lived, worked, and studied […]