A bad haircut or color is your worst nightmare. Understandably, you are trying to avoid that at all costs. You care about your hair, which is why you are looking to make sure you choose the best hair salon in Winter Park, FL. Yet, would you be able to spot a bad hair salon if you saw one? Jenn Lenos, founder of Vinaccia Hair Goddess, shares some of her tips for spotting the red flags that you are at a bad hair salon.

Red Flags Of A Bad Hair Salon

Quality matters, especially if you are looking into hair salon services. Ideally, you’ll want to look for a professional and reputable salon that can accommodate your needs. It’s not always about finding the most “Instagrammable” salon. Sometimes the worst salons are the ones that you would least expect. Here are a few ways that you can spot a subpar hair salon in the wild.

1. The Salon Website Doesn’t Contain Enough Information

If you find yourself browsing a hair salon’s website and there isn’t much information about them, that’s a huge red flag. A professional, reputable, and quality business is also going to have a professional business website that displays their business information. It’s bad business practice not to let potential customers know about services.

2. The Staff Is Unfriendly Or Unhelpful

When you walk into a salon, you should be greeted by either the receptionist or the hair dresser themselves. You should be made to feel welcomed and relaxed. If the staff comes off as rude, intimidating, you have every right to leave. Also, if your hair stylists loses your information or forgets your appointment, that’s a glaring reason to never go back.

3. Salon Services Are Priced at a Discount

If you go on a salon website and you notice their services are priced lower than average in your area, that is a sign that they are not quality. A good hair salon charges accordingly, and doesn’t feel the need to make up for poor quality.

4. Negative Feedback is never addressed or responded to

Every hair salon gets feedback from a variety of revenues such as Facebook page reviews, Yelp, or Google My Business. Occasionally, a salon might get negative review. If you notice that a salon doesn’t respond to regular negative feedback or tries to hide it, that is a massive red flag. Even if negative feedback is warranted, the salon needs to appropriately handle it.

5. You don’t receive a consultation during your appointment

Client consultations are crucial to every visit to a salon. A good hairdresser will want to ask questions and inspect your hair before getting to work. Jenn from Vinaccia Hair always gives consultations prior to appointments, especially to new clients.

6. The Hairdresser makes unrealistic promises about lightening your hair.

If you are planning on going from dark to light, you should be prepared for a lot of processing and appointments. Your hair might not be able to handle the stress of going light. It is up to your hair dresser to inform you about what is involved with lightening your hair.


7. The area around the salon chairs aren’t clean

When it comes to hair salons, sanitation and cleanliness is a must, especially in era of COVID-19. Tell-tale signs include dirty shampoo bowls, upswept floors or dusty areas.

8. You get hit with surprising charges on your bill

If you are familiar with the salon’s prices, you pretty much know what to expect. Your hairdresser will always go over costs prior to your appointment. However, there should be no surprises when you receive your bill.


Signs That You Are At A Good Hair Salon

1. Your Hairdresser Will Listen To Their Clients

A good hairdresser knows when to ask questions, listen to your needs and offer helpful advice. They know how to customize your salon experience and tailor it just for you.

2. A Professional Hair Dresser is Upfront about costs

If you have a question about cost, your hairdresser should know how to answer it. They will be upfront with their prices, and won’t try to hide anything.

3. They Value Hair Health and Healthy Hair

There might be times when your hairdresser puts their foot down and says “No” to a request. Especially if this request doesn’t ensure that your hair is at its healthiest.

4. The Level of Work Is Consistent with What They Do

A good hairdresser will be able to consistently put it good work. You should be able to leave your appointment knowing that you are getting the same quality service that you did last time. Professional hairdressers are consistent and reliable with their services.

5. The Best Hairdressers Are Passionate About Hair

Passion shows. If your hairdresser eats, sleeps and breathes hair, then it will show in their work. Do they attend trade shows, conferences and classes related to hair? Do they know what their peers and industry leaders are up to?  You can tell when someone is genuinely passionate about what they do.

6. Listens to your suggestions and critique

Similar to number one, your hairdresser is open to critique, feedback, comments and suggestions. If there is something that you don’t like, they will take that into consideration.

7. Your vision for your hair becomes a reality

A good hairdresser will pay attention to the ideas you want for your hair. They will be able to bring your vision to life. Professional hairdressers stay on top of the latest trends, and have a killer eye for color and design.

8. Other customers have positive feedback on them.

One huge telltale sign of a good hair salon is the positive feedback that they receive. A good hair salon will be consistently receiving genuine, positive feedback from clients.

Now that you know the Red Flags That You Are at A Bad Hair Salon, you know what to look out for. You should never settle for mediocre or subpar service out of price or convenience.  At Vinaccia Hair Goddess, founder Jenn Lenos believes in quality salon services, especially with creating beautiful multidimensional hair color.

Jenn welcomes all of her clients back to her salon and is also accepting new clients. You’ll see a big difference in your hair when you visit a professional hairdresser like Jenn at Vinaccia Hair Goddess. Jenn has recently relocated her salon, which is now at on 601-A S, N New York Ave, Winter Park, FL 32789 in Suite 117.  Ready to transform your hair’s look, feel, and vitality? Schedule an appointment today. Call Jenn at 407.900.3656 or set one up here.