We’re all guilty of it when we notice that appointment approaching. Forgoing the overdue shower that our hair desperately needs…

We add a few more dashes of dry shampoo. We spritz a little perfume in our strands to prolong the freshness. All because someone, somewhere claims the dirtiness contributes to our service. A better color, successful process, or it’s simply more protective for our hair. Who is this someone, and how does their nonsensical claim of dirty hair seem to stick so well? Well I would love to sit and have a chat with them and explain the kind of havoc it could wreak upon my clients color service and the impact it has upon the quality of their outcome.

Let me explain: being extreme and shampooing multiple times just before your appointment is highly unnecessary. However, going 4 or more days is another thing entirely—prior to your appointment. What’s truly recommended is simply cleansing dirty hair the night or day prior to service. This ensures a clean surface on the hair shaft, preparing it for full and thorough product application.

I know we may think that it’s healthier or protective to let the oils remain in dirty hair. This couldn’t be further from the truth because in actuality, you should be using sulfate-free products. When strands are oily or harboring week old built up product, it greatly hinders full saturation of the color service. What you want is hair that is clean, providing a fresh, uniform slate for your stylist to work with. This ensures it is free of anything that could inhibit the coloring molecules from adhering and really penetrating individual strands. Although this fact holds true for all services, some client heed more than others! Those seeking to go lighter for the summer months, it is especially important for you! With cleaner hair, a greater effectiveness of lighteners is experienced and color lifting occurs with ease. Knowing this critical step saves us all from the dreaded result of blotchy highlights or the inability to cover grays!

That being said, there are some anomaly appointments with me, Vinaccia Hair Goddess, here at Bonne Vie Salon that exist. It’s true, these exceptions to debunking are truly enhanced by dirtier tresses. These are for formal styles and many up-do services. So unless you’re only in the chair for a special occasion style, please arrive to your coloring appointment sans dirty hair!

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