June is here, which means that it’s the official start of summer. Although, in Florida, it feels like summer for most of the year. The sun is very damaging to hair, especially color-treated hair. While you are at the beach or pool, or even taking a stroll through town, make sure your hair is protected from the sun, heat and humidity. Vinaccia Hair is sharing a few tips on how to protect your hair during the summer. Make sure your hair is beach-ready.

Tips On How to Protect Your Hair During the Summer

Sun, humidity, chlorine, oh my! Just like skin, it’s important to protect your hair during the harsh summer months. Whether you are on a weekend getaway to the beach or working on your tan, make sure you are taking the necessary steps to protect the hair you love.

Avoid Any Unnecessary Heat

The Florida summer heat is already very oppressing. The last thing your hair needs is to add any more heat. Your hair doesn’t need to be subjected to intense blow drying and hot tools on top of the heat and the sun. Also, when the air is moist, it can take longer to style hair. This can result in drying and damaging hair. If you MUST use styling tools, make sure to use a heat protectant beforehand. There are many hot tool-free styles you can try. Topknots or messy chignons are easy heat-free styles that can create beachy waves when you take them out. Instead of using a blow dryer after every shower, try air drying your hair every now and then.

Cleanse Your Hair After The Pool and Beach

Your hair gets pretty soiled after visiting the pool and beach. Chlorine is especially damaging to hair, leaving it dry and brittle and even turning blonde hair green. In order to keep chlorine from clinging to hair strands, make sure to soak your hair in fresh water. To prevent chlorine damage even further, soak hair before AND after the pool. Your hair can only absorb a certain amount of water, so if you soak it in fresh water before hand, it will absorb that instead of chlorinated pool water.

Salt water might be healing for the skin, but it can wreak havoc on your hair.  Since the ocean has a high salt content, it is osmotic. This means that it sucks moisture out of your hair. The result is dry, parched, and brittle hair. After visiting the pool or beach, you should wash it with shampoo and conditioner. It is recommended that you cleanse your hair with a gentle shampoo that is formulated for clarifying hair from salt, chlorine, sand and residue. If you don’t have access to a proper shower, you can rinse your hair with bottled or clean water.

Make Sure Your Hair Is Getting Moisture

All of the heat and sun exposure is going to suck any moisture from your hair. Make sure to use a good hair mask or leave-in conditioner every week or so. When you go outside, wear a hat, which will protect the sun from your hair. It will also help to preserve the moisture in your hair.

Chlorine from pools are one of the worst offenders of the summer when it comes to dry hair. Chlorine strips hair of its natural oils and leaves it dry and brittle. Before you go swimming, you’ll reduce damage by applying a hair mask. Here is an easy application pre-pool:

  1. Put a hair mask in your hair
  2. Tie your hair in a bun
  3. Rinse out the hair mask before you step into the pool.


Keep Hair Healthy and Hydrated by Being Healthy

When you take care of yourself on the inside, it will show on the outside. Health is essential to overall beauty. During the summer, make sure you drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated will keep both your skin and hair healthy. Don’t forget to add plenty of fruits and vegetables in your diet.

Use SPF on Your Hair

SPF isn’t just for your skin. Your hair also needs SPF from the sun. Sunscreen application doesn’t just stop at the hairline. Even though it’s covered by hair, your scalp is still part of your skin. Both your hair and scalp are both at risk of UVA/UVB damage. UV rays actually make hair brittle and appear frayed. The sun itself can be drying. Your scalp, like any other part of your body, is also susceptible to skin cancer. There are a few options for SPF protection for your hair, which you can view here.

Get a Hair Professional Treatment and A Trim

After weeks of barbeques and pool parties, the strands of your hair are going to be very ragged. In a way, you need “rehab” for your hair, especially if you have lightened or color-treated hair. It is recommended that you get a professional Olaplex treatment. Jenn uses the Olaplex system for damaged and destroyed hair. It’s also a good idea to get a trim while you are at the salon. Believe it or not, hair grows faster in the summer. When you don’t cut off split ends, they move up the hair shaft. This will leave your hair looking bad.

Take Care and Protect Your Hair During the Summer

Summer is already oppressive on your hair. However, Florida summers can be especially brutal on your hair and scalp. Jenn sees this damage firsthand from her clients. If you are trying to grow your hair out or lighten it, damage from sun and heat can put a damper on that. If you follow this guide to how to protect your hair during the summer, you will save your hair so much damage.

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