There are many different services and products for hair color on the market. It can be overwhelmed to decide what option to take. There are drugstore brands like L’Oreal or Clairol or professional dyes that are used in salons. Madison Reed hair color is one of the many products of hair dye that are currently on the market. You may be wondering, “Is Madison Reed Hair Color Bad For Your Hair”? Jenn, the color specialist at Vinaccia Hair Goddess, shares her experiences and opinions on Madison Reed hair dye.

About Madison Reed Hair Color

Madison Reed hails itself as “Professional Hair at Home”. As a brand, their core products are hair color or products to maintain color. They offer everything from permanent hair color, root touchups, color reviving gloss and more. Their hair dye is free of ammonia, parabens, PPD, phthalates and gluten. Madison Reed is also Leaping Bunny Certified.

Several haircare professionals and salon owners have used Madison Reed hair color on their client’s hair and their own hair. As a professional hair colorist, we know that hair dye is not a “one size fits all” deal. Hair color works differently on everyone.

Is Madison Reed Hair Color Bad For Your Hair?

Madison Reed’s Hair Color Kit promises a lot. It claims to work in just 35 minutes, and it is ammonia, parabens, resorcinol, PPD, phthalates, gluten, SLS & titanium dioxide. Although it manages to avoid most of the toxic dyes, Madison Reed color is still not completely toxin-free. Many women who have tried Madison Reed hair color have had issues with it. One of the most recent reviews was from TrustPilot from Feb 26, 2021:

“I consulted with a Madison Reed color expert prior to purchase. I shared pictures of my hair and we talked through what color I was looking for. The results were awful, a bright orange. I chalked it up to inexperience. I went back through the color quiz and the same color was recommended. The following treatment was even worse. By this time my salon highlights were covered and I ended up with burnt orange color near the roots. Needless to say, I was back at the salon within the week to correct the color. It would be nice if Madison Reed had a money-back guarantee.” – Amy

Fixing the Damage From Madison Reed Hair

Recently, Vinaccia Hair Goddess has seen the results of long-term use from Madison Reed haircolor. One of our clients had been using Madison Reed Haircolor and it had FRIED her hair. Michelle thought that she would be able to deal with it through quarantine but decided to get it fixed at Vinaccia Hair Goddess. We are glad that she did!


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To remedy the damage, we did a root shadow to give her more depth and added some highlights around her face and throughout her part for contrast. We also gave her an Olaplex Intense Treatment. This was the Olaplex Intense Repair treatment followed by deep conditioning treatment and a trim.

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The weather in Florida might be mild, but your hair still needs some TLC.  Look no further. Jenn Lenos is known as one of the best hair dressers and hair colorists in Orlando, FL. It makes a difference when you visit a professional hair dresser like Jenn at Vinaccia Hair Goddess. Jenn has recently relocated her salon, which is now at on 601-A S, N New York Ave, Winter Park, FL 32789. Ready to transform your hair’s look, feel and vitality? Schedule an appointment today. Call Jenn at 407.900.3656 or set one up here.