Hair Tips For Fine Hair

Ultrafine hair can have its benefits. However, you may find that you have dealt with limp strands, bangs that stick to your forehead, and greasy strands. If this sounds familiar, we are going to show you how to embrace your hair texture and work with it. With this guide full of hair tips for fine hair, we will show you how you can add volume and body, and add some style and dimension to hair. Now, you can add that bombshell volume to your fine hair.

Don’t Over Brush Your Hair

One of the biggest mistakes you can make with fine hair is overbrushing your hair. It actually makes your hair more limp and flat.

Rough Dry Your Hair

We are going to put you onto a technique called “rough drying”. Rough drying is a blow-drying technique that will add volume to your roots. Rough drying your hair before styling it. While blow-drying your hair, take a section of hair with your fingers and lightly tug it to raise the roots.

Purchase Products For Fine Hair and Adding Volume

Your goal is to create volume in fine hair, so look out for products that add volume and thickness. The Bumble and Bumble Thickening Hairspray will add a lift to your roots. A good dry shampoo should also be in your arsenal.

Avoid Adding Product To Your Roots

After you have gotten the best products for fine hair, the styling process is the next step. Products should be used sparingly – you don’t have to douse a bunch of product on your hair. In fact, you should avoid adding product to your roots, unless it is a root volume spray. Adding too much product to your roots will weigh them down. Start with a small bit of product and start to build it up.

Get The Right Haircut

Believe it or not, the right haircut will actually build volume to your hair. We recommend long layers to add movement and volume. Shorter haircuts are also great for adding body without weighing your hair down.  Try a few of these hairstyles:

Use Less Conditioner

Conditioner is a great asset to your hair – within moderation. Conditioner is essential for replenishing hair and restoring your hair strands. The key is to use it sparingly. We recommend using conditioner every other time you shampoo and applying it mainly to the ends. Over-conditioning your hair will cause it to be weighed down. When washing your hair, make sure to rinse it thoroughly and completely.

Add Lift With Hair Rollers

You can give your hair a voluminous lift with classic foam rollers! Apply them when your hair is almost dry or slightly damp. Then, take them out right before you walk out the door. Loosen the curls using fingers instead of a brush.

Refresh Your Hair

Fine and thin hair gets very greasy very fast. However, washing your hair too frequently can lead to split ends and dryness. The best way to revive life into your locks is to use a root life spray or a dry shampoo at the roots. You can even use this on “second-day” hair in between washes.

Tips For Styling Fine Hair

Foods That Will Strengthen Fine Hair

When you change your diet, you will also change your hair. The products, styling, and maintenance matters, but paying attention to the food you eat will make a difference. The food you consume plays a role in your health, not just your hair but also your skin and nails. You should think of your hair as an extension of internal health.

These foods will strengthen fine hair from the inside out – this list includes lean meats, dark greens, and fish

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