Hair Stylist Tips From A Pro

When we go to the hair stylist, most of us go with a very specific look in mind, whether it’s a touch up or a trendy celebrity hairstyle.  Whether or not you realize it, something as temporary as a haircut or color can affect your life in a powerful way. A new hairstyle from a hair stylist can turn a bad hair day into a good It can turn any of your bad hair days into the best one you’ve ever seen, but… it can also bring you a lot more self-confidence and empowerment. However, if your cut or color goes wrong, it could be detrimental to your overall look and the health of your hair.

What most people don’t know is that we, ourselves, can make the hair change process way more risk-free when we keep these tips in mind. So, to help you avoid a hair disaster (many of us ladies have had them at least once) here are 5 pro tips to keep in mind before going to the hair stylist.

  1. Know Your Face Shape And Hair Texture

Before you head over to Vinaccia Hair Goddess, it helps to know what your face shape and hair texture are. Every face shape has hairstyles that flatter them the best. When you figure out if you have an oval, circle, square, or heart-shaped face, you can discover what cut suits you best. The best way to figure out your face shape by looking at your jawline.

When deciding what look to get, it’s also beneficial to know your hair texture as well. Your texture is a variable in the look that you want to achieve. Depending on if you have thin, fine hair or thick, curly hair, it could be a challenge to do certain looks that aren’t suitable for your hair. For instance, if you have thick, curly hair, it could be difficult to get straight glossy locks. Try to find hair inspiration from women with the same hair texture as you.

  1. Consider Your Lifestyle

Lifestyle is a very important factor to take into consideration. Your hairstyle represents who you are and what kind of life you lead. If your life is very busy and you don’t have time to dedicate on your hair, you should consider a low-maintenance look. This would be a look that would be easy to style after washing.

A perfect example of a great low-maintenance look is Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s modern shag. This is a basic style that is full of layers, and will give you effortless volume to your hair.

  1. Go For A Consultation

If you get to the hair stylist and are still undecided on what style to go with, you can consult a hair stylist like Jenn at Vinaccia Hair Goddess in Winter Park. Schedule a quick 15-minute consultation with Jenn where she will inspect your hair and give you pro hair advice.  When you come in for a consultation with Jenn, make sure your hair is dry, clean and detangled. That way she can touch it and inspect it closely to understand your hairs needs.

Are you trying to achieve a certain look? Before your appointment with Jenn at Vinaccia Hair Goddess, make sure to bring inspiration photos of what you want. Jenn will be able to determine if the cut or color would work for your hair texture and face shape. Also, ask Jenn about the care and up-keep of the hairstyle to know if it would fit with your lifestyle. Jenn is a color specialist, and she is up-to-date on trends like balayage, ombre, sombre, and babylights.

  1. Make Sure You’re Actually Ready For A New Hairstyle

Before you head to Vinaccia Hair Goddess, ask yourself, are you ready for a change? If you’re going to the hair stylist for a trim or touch up, there isn’t a huge commitment. However, if you want to chop off 12 inches of your hair for the first time, there’s no turning back. Don’t make any impulse decisions when it comes getting a new style at Vinaccia Hair Goddess.  If you’re not sure, you can always ask Jenn for a second opinion.

  1. Be Truthful

When your hair stylist asks about your hair history, be honest about how you style it and what products you use on your hair. Have you used boxed hair dye? Do you straighten your hair on the daily?  This information will help Jenn determine what your hair needs and find the right treatments for your hair.

Getting a new hairstyle doesn’t have to be a game of risk. It makes a difference when you visit a professional hair salon like Vinaccia Hair Goddess. Vinaccia Hair Goddess is located on 157 E Morse Blvd. Winter Park, FL 32789. Ready to transform your hair’s look, feel and vitality? Schedule an appointment today. Call Jenn at 407.900.3656 or set one up here.

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