Why do hair salons close on Mondays? If Sunday and Monday are your only day off you might find it very challenging to get a hair appointment on a Monday. You might have noticed that a few businesses like salons actually close on Monday. Sunday and Monday are considered the “hairstylist weekend”. If you find that Mondays are one of your only free days, there are a few things that you can do to plan ahead.

Why Do Hair Salons Close On Mondays?

You may be wondering, “why do so many hair salons close on Monday? There are actually a couple of reasons for it.

First off…most shops are run by private owners, and the Sunday-Monday off days give them a true weekend since closing Saturday would be a bad business move. A second reason for this is that some cities had a form of union for barbers that lasted through the mid-20th century.

Full-time cosmetologists generally work 40-60 hours per week. The union pushed employers to close on Sunday and Monday so that barbers could have a full 2-day weekend – which included being able to go to church – and no one would have a competitive advantage. Since the barbers union doesn’t have much of a presence, many hair salons have been opening on both days. Many national chains like Great Clips or Fantastic Sams are open on both Sunday and Monday.

Many People Work A Traditional Monday-Friday 40-Hour Work Week

The majority of Americans work a traditional Monday-Friday 40-hour workweek. And because most people work a Monday through Friday 5-day week, Saturdays are a busy day as people want to get hair done on their day off and for their weekend plans. If a salon has a large staff, often the salon will be open all days as staff can have a different day off on rotation, however, if a salon is small and has less than say 5 stylists then it makes more sense to close on a quieter weekday so that all the staff gets a 2 day weekend.

So if Mondays are your day what’s a girl to do? Additionally, because of COVID, so many “normal” business hours are now abnormal. It was, for this reason, I decided there might be a real need for me to work a couple of Mondays a month. Also, I decided I’d like to have an occasional Saturday off.

My husband has a “normal” job and his days off are Saturday and Sunday. I used to love having Mondays off because it was the one day of the week I had the house to myself.  But not since COVID – now he works from home, so there goes my alone time.

So I decided to keep my 5-day schedule but rotate Saturday and Monday off.  It has been WONDERFUL!  I have the chance to meet new clients that I never would have been able to before and now my husband and I can go away for short weekend trips. If you’ve been struggling to find a Hairstylist that works on Monday, then I may just be the answer!

Is It Illegal For a Barbershop to Work On a Sunday or Monday?

Today, it is not illegal for a barbershop to work on Monday or Sunday. However, back in the day, barber unions DID make it illegal. These laws were enforced by large fines, so many barbers and hair salons complied. Many salons today have stuck by this tradition but more salons are slowly breaking away from this. For salons with a sizeable staff, there are enough hairdressers to cover shifts so that they can have their weekends off.

Why Do Hair Salons Open on Sundays and Mondays?

There are several reasons why a hair salon would be open on Sundays or Mondays. The union no longer enforces these days off. This means that hair salons and barbershops have the freedom to choose what days they want to close and remain open.

Private Ownership

Hair salons that are privately owned have full control over their schedule including when they can open and close their shop. When you are the boss, you make the rules!


There is a monetary incentive to open a hair salon on Sundays and Mondays. When most of your competition is closed on these days, potential clients will be looking for a salon that is open on their time off.

Building Clientele

The majority of people choose their hairdresser out of convenience whether it’s scheduling or distance from the salon. As a result, they will choose a salon whose hours fit their schedule.

Where To Check Salon Hours

Every hair salon and barbershop will have their updated hours on their website, social media, and Google Business pages. You can check Vinaccia Hair Goddess’s business hours here:

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Vinaccia Hair Goddess COVID Prevention

Vinaccia Hair Goddess is taking COVID-19 seriously in 2022. Our client’s health and safety are a top priority. As a result, we have taken the necessary steps to add extra precautions to protect against COVID-19:

COVID-19 Regulations

In accordance with social distancing, Vinaccia Hair Goddess can only see one person at a time and there is no double booking allowed at this time. Vinaccia Hair Goddess is requiring you to wear a mask during your appointment. Your health and safety is a priority at Vinaccia Hair Goddess. In between appointments, Jenn will be disinfecting the salon to ensure the highest level of cleanliness. Phenix Salon Suites also has its own staff to sanitize the building and restrooms several times a day.

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