Best Salon Experience | Fantastic Sams or Vinaccia Hair

Why Vinaccia Hair Goddess is better than Fantastic Sams

It seems like there is a Fantastic Sams in every 10-mile radius. However, quantity does not equal quality, especially in the case of chain hair salons.  Just because there are multiple locations doesn’t mean you should feel pressured into going there. Finding the right hairdresser can be frustrating- and it’s a lot like dating. The perfect hairdresser is able to work well with your hair type and will not treat you like “just another customer. We’ve covered how salons like Hair Cuttery and Great Clips are franchises – which offers a very different experience that a professional salon. When you step foot into a franchise such as Fantastic Sams, you aren’t going to get the same level of service as a boutique salon. There are many reasons why Vinaccia Hair Goddess give s the best salon experience and is a better choice than Fantastic Sams.

The Real Cost of Your Haircare

Hair salon chains such as Fantastic Sams tend to have cheaper prices. You’ll be able to get a cheap haircut or style. At Fantastic Sams, haircuts for women start at $17 and cuts with styling starts at $27. This might work if you are a low maintenance man or child who needs a quick buzz. Paying a cheap price means that you cannot do anything intense or complex. When you get your hair done at Fantastic Sams, you’re just another number to them. If you are a woman with textured hair or specific needs, their stylists are not equipped to help you. If you want to get something complicated done such as brunette to blonde, it will be too complicated for their stylists. For the price you pay, Fantastic Sams will not be able to accommodate to your needs.

A Big Difference In Products

Like other hair salons, Fantastic Sams carries standard haircare brands. Many of the typical salon brand haircare products perform good but not great. They aren’t the best haircare products on the market. Surprisingly, Fantastic Sams does have its own line of haircare. Judging from the ingredients list, it appears to be similar to generic salon haircare brands. At Vinaccia Hair Goddess, you will find many common salon brands.  Unlike Fantastic Sams, Vinaccia Hair Goddess also carries high quality hair products that you cannot get at other salons.  Vinaccia Hair Goddess carries high quality haircare products such as Olaplex, Moroccan Oil, Ouidad, Oribe, and Davines. There is a huge difference between the quality of products that are used and it shows in the health of the hair. Aside from products, the services that are offered and the skill and experience also make a huge difference.

A Professional Salon Vs A Franchise such as Fantastic Sams

A good hairdresser will be able to transform your hair into the best possible version of itself. A professional hairdresser knows how to work with your hair, listens to your concerns, is knowledgeable and offers excellent customer services. There is a world of difference between a professional such as Vinaccia Hair Goddess and a chain such as Fantastic Sams. One of the most staggering differences is the quality of service and products as well as the difference in professional experience.

Service and Skill

Franchise hair salons are not on the same level of service and skill as a high-end salon such as Vinaccia Hair Goddess. The hairdressers at Fantastic Sams tend to be mediocre, untrained and the bar for entry is low. In contrast, Jenn is a trained color specialist and professional hairdresser who has been in the industry for over 15 years. She is the owner of Vinaccia Hair Goddess and takes her business very seriously. Jenn chooses the products that she uses on clients, keeps up with hair trends, and educated herself on the science of haircare. Since the hairdressers at Fantastic Sams aren’t running their own business, they won’t have the same level of pride, enthusiasm, and urge to offer exceptional customer service. One of Jenn’s current clients used to be a customer at Fantastic Sams. She shares her hair horror story:

“I went to Fantastic Sams once for a root touchup and highlights. While she was blow drying my hair I started to notice that she royally butchered the color! The top of my head was super brassy and didn’t blend in with the soft blonde of the rest of my hair. I really should have asked for a refund, as it was a very sloppy job. The hairdresser was definitely inexperienced with color. After that experience, I never went back to Fantastic Sams.” – Alexandra

The Best Salon Experience with Vinaccia Goddess Hair 

Nestled in charming Winter Park, Vinaccia Hair Goddess is on Morse Blvd just off Park Ave. Just strolling down Park Ave is an experience in itself. Stepping into the elegant Vinaccia Hair Goddess salon makes you feel like royalty. You won’t get that same feeling when you step into a generic chain salon like Fantastic Sams. When visiting Fantastic Sams, you are greeted like “just another customer”. However, when you step into Vinaccia Hair Goddess’ stunning Winter Park hair salon, you are warmly greeted by Jenn and offered a glass of champagne. Jenn from Vinaccia Hair Goddess is a professional who offers top notch service. Jenn at Vinaccia Hair Goddess gives all of her customers the royal treatment. Vinaccia Hair Goddess was also featured as a top business in Park Ave Magazine.

If you’re still on the fence about Vinaccia Hair Goddess and one of the best salon experiences, you can always get a complimentary consultation first. It never hurts to try. It makes a difference when you visit a professional hair dresser like Jenn at Vinaccia Hair Goddess. Jenn is located on 157 E Morse Blvd. Winter Park, FL 32789. Ready to transform your hair’s look, feel and vitality? Schedule an appointment today. Call Jenn at 407.900.3656 or set one up here.