5 Things To Consider Before Going Blonde

So you’re thinking about going blonde. It’s easily one of the most dynamic hair colors out there. It can be iconic, glamourous, and classic (think Marilyn!). We can see why you are looking into trying out blonde tresses. However, behind every famous blonde is an incredibly talented colorist, which is how celebrities pull of the perfect blonde. In this article, Jenn will share her years of expertise as a colorist.  There are five things to consider before going blonde – before, during, and after a major color change.

Your Skin Tone

The best way to choose the ideal shade of blonde for you is to know your skin tone. Many of our clients bring in photos of the blonde hair that they want to achieve. This is a good starting point, however, it may not be the best shade for you. You might want to try Scarlett Johansson’s shade of blonde, but it might not look as flattering. A professional hair colorist can consult you on what your skin tone is and the shades that will suit you best.

Bear in mind, that narrowing down the best shade of blonde for your hair is no easy feat. Professional colorists use a number of factors to determine a client’s ideal shade – from eye color and skin tone.

Things To Consider Before Going Blonde

Your Haircut

Your haircut plays a vital role in the coloring process. If you have grown out layers or a fringe, you should be getting a haircut beforehand. This allows the colorist to plan out where they are going to apply the color on your hair. You wouldn’t want your hair colorist to cut off any new highlights or color. Additionally, blondes with fringes and layers need regular maintenance. The best type of color for you will be highlights from the root or an all-over base. Bear in mind, root re-development will be more apparent if you have a fringe.

Budget and Lifestyle

Going blonde is a commitment. When your hair colorist consults with you, they will ask you questions about your budget and lifestyle. This will let them know how often you are able to stop by the salon and what kind of blonde shade will fit your budget and lifestyle.


You should consider your budget as well, as going blonde can be a financial commitment. If you are going from dark hair to blonde hair for the first time, expect to pay several hundred dollars for the first time as well as follow up appointments. Also bear in mind that changing your hair color is going to require a high amount of upkeep, especially if you go platinum blonde or icy blonde.

Maintenance Appointments

Blonde is the most high-maintenance color. So be prepared to make visits to the salon every 6-8 weeks for touchups as well as toners and glosses. The color touchups will treat any incoming color bands or patchy color. Also, a colorist needs to use toners and glosses on lightened hair because it fades quickly and is more porous.

Upkeep and Lifestyle

In between appointments, you will have to do a considerable amount of upkeep on your own. Vinaccia Hair recommends the Olaplex line to all our clients, which is good for huge color changes. Olaplex will keep the internal bonds of the hair solid. The Olaplex Nº.3 Hair Perfector should be in every blonde’s arsenal, as this is an amazing at-home reparative treatment that protects and strengthens color-treated hair. They also have a full line that includes shampoo, conditioner, masks and styling products.

Changing your hair color, especially with going blonde, is going to come with lifestyle changes. You’ll be spending more time in the salon, more money on haircare, as well as effort into upkeep. As a new blonde, you will be getting more attention, as blondes get more attention than other colors.

Things To Consider Before Going Blonde

Your Wardrobe

When you are transitioning to blonde, you are also going to have to make some changes to your wardrobe and makeup choices. Your hair colorist will be able to offer recommendations on what styles and colors will best compliment your new hair. Blonde can come in cool and warm shades, as well as light and dark colors and as a result, there is makeup and wardrobe choices that will compliment each type.

As far as brows, you don’t need to worry about matching it exactly to your hair color. The current trend is to have your eyebrows be slightly darker and bolder than the rest of your hair. If you do choose to change your brow color, they should be no lighter than two shades of your present forehead tone.

Your Timeline

Going blonde does not happen overnight, and that is something that Vinaccia Hair stresses to all our clients. Many people think that they can go into a hair appointment with dark hair and leave with an entire head of blonde hair. The misconception comes from seeing celebrities go through quick hair changes. However, many people do not realize that Hollywood actresses and musicians rely on human-hair wigs for a quick, but natural-looking transformation.

The reality is, it will take multiple sessions to achieve a full head of blonde hair. You should expect at least 4 appointments and even up to 8 or 10. The timeline will depend on several factors, such as how light your hair is or if you have virgin hair.

The Bottom Line- 5 Things To Consider Before Going Blonde

If you have your heart set on becoming a blonde, you should do it the right way. Going from dark to light hair is best done by a professional colorist. It is not recommended that you attempt this at home. A pro will be able to take on the challenge without damaging your hair.

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