So often I find clients spending so much on hair color but unwilling to spend towards the Shampoo and Conditioner to ensure brightness and shine. Think of your hair as a fragile piece of fabric – once damage is done there is NO going back. Shampoo is your foundation, it needs to be Sulfate free! Sulfates are cheap salt detergents that break down Color molecules causing them fade quickly. If you are paying less than $10, the ingredients are likely not verified. This leads manufacturing to jump around for the cheapest price, with low quality.

Here’s an analogy… think of steak – there is Ruth Chris Steakhouse or Waffle House. What’s the difference? They’re both Steak right? There’s a tremendous amount of difference in smell, appearance, taste and mouth feel! One is the cheapest meat one can buy, might even be near or over the expiration date. The other is fresh, top quality, carefully chosen and prepared. The same goes for shampoo. The ingredients may be the same but there’s a world of difference when it comes down to it.

I chose to convert my entire Color line to Beth Minardi’s Signature Color some time ago because I firmly believe it will leave my clients hair in better health. It’s double the price of the color line I had before, but I believe in quality when it comes to products being sulfate-free. I want my clients to have the healthiest hair possible, so to me its worth every penny.

I love the product so much that I became an Ambassador for the Minardi Luxury Color Care Line. The Shampoos and Conditioners are nutritionally formulated to deliver the exact Lipids and Proteins your hair has lost during specific Color Services. Whether, Semi/Demi Permanent, Permanent, or High Lift/Lightener Service they will replace what is lost and the results have been amazing!

I would really like for you to try these new products. I have a few sample packets of a few sulfate-free Permanent Shampoos and Conditioners for trial but if you feel like going for the gold, mention this email and I’ll take 20% off all the product I have in stock! Also, my resident salon, Bonne Vie, provides other wonderful sulfate-free products I can introduce to you as well!

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