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Winter along with it’s dry air is here and just in time Oribe has just unveiled a new top product to fight dry, frizzy hair – Gold Lust Pre-Shampoo Intensive Treatment. This product ROCKS!  Its very light and very little is needed and best of all it goes on DRY HAIR.  They use a blend of Coconut and Macadamia Oils to create a shield to protect against damage and moisture loss caused by regular washing and styling.  If you are a busy bee hitting up the gym every day causing to wash daily this is a beauty must have and if you get highlights and/or use a flat iron frequently this treatment balm will benefit you greatly. Not only is the container beautiful its also practical.  The first time purchase its $68 but you get a $15 discount by getting the refills after that.  Check out pronto, you won’t be disappointed!!



Top Hair ProductsNew favorite Product for Fine hair for Volume

I have fine hair and have tried countless products over the years to give my hair more volume.This product is amazing at adding volume — in fact, it is probably the best product I have ever used and it transforms my hair by allowing the fine strands to separate and really plump up. They use a tapioca starch which also absorbs oil and impurities so it doubles as a dry shampoo as well.  Another great tip – if you have bangs that won’t stay back just spray a bit on the ends and they will grab and hold!

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