New hair repair treatment you can’t live without K18!

New hair repair treatment you can’t live without K18! Let me tell you an Olaplex story. Olaplex 3 was my go-to product for hair repair here at Vinaccia Hair Studio and I recommended it to all my guests. I was super hesitant to believe the hype surrounding K18 and didn’t really give it a try till late last year.

Although I do love a few products from the Olaplex range, such as the nourishing and hydrating Olaplex 8, and the bond repair and frizz-mitigating Olaplex 6, I wasn’t thrilled with the shampoo and conditioner. Additionally, my hair was full of static electricity, and it lacked softness, even with the use of Olaplex 3, 4, 5, and 6.

Enter K18.  After hearing rave reviews from my fellow hair stylists, I decided to give it a chance. Following the steps on the website, I used just 2 pumps of the product (less is more!) and waited the recommended 4 minutes. After the 4 minutes, you can apply the hair styling products you usually use but for this first time, I decided to use it alone. I found the results impressive! My hair was softer, stronger, smoother, and had a nice bounce. On days I let it air dry the curls look much more defined.

Like I said I have naturally curly hair. Sometimes I like to flat iron it smooth for a different look. Because I color my hair and occasionally highlight it flat ironing can be rough on my fine hair. I’m always fighting frizz and my hair can seem a bit dry. Even though I’m constantly moisturizing it. With K18 my hair looked and felt fantastic, with less breakage and frizz, even with the Central Florida humidity.

Since then I’ve used and recommended the K18 hair mask on some of my blond clients, you know the ones that never want to trim their hair? At the start, their hair looked incredibly damaged and dry. But after a few months, the results were amazing! And they LOVED how simple it was to use.

To sum it up K18 is an effective and high-performing hair treatment that produces impressive results on damaged hair. While I do not consider Olaplex a bad product range, K18 works better for me and my clients. And with the controversies surrounding it right now I decided to stop selling it at my hair studio. I found K18 is a much simpler, one-step process. But if you have experienced great results with Olaplex, then by all means keep using it!

Prioritize your hair’s health and experiment with different products to find what works best for you, if you’re interested in K18 you can learn more at K18’s website. They have a slew of educational information on their website.  If you’re like me you’ll appreciate the science behind it!

Here at Vinaccia Hair Studio in Winter Park Florida, I’d love to help you have the healthiest hair possible. If healthy hair is also important to you fill out my New Guest Consultation form and let’s get started today!