Your health and safety at Vinaccia Hair during your visit is extremely important to me!

According to the State I will be allowed to reopen for business on May 11, but I will personally be taking appointments the week of the 18th.. It will be hard to keep social distancing measures in place in a salon. There are so many Hairstylists and their clients are constantly moving around. For this reason I’m so glad that I had already made the decision to move into Phenix Salon Suites in early March. Working in a private room gives me the ability to have greater control over disinfection between my clients.  Having that personal control makes me feel more at ease about going back to work.

Phenix Salon Suites does their part by having a person on staff to clean and sanitize the bathrooms several times a day. They also have an outside company come in twice a week for more intense disinfection of the entire building. With everything is so Topsy Turvy right now, the more that we do the better!

To ensure your safety I will:

• Be wearing a mask at all times and I encourage you to also wear a mask.

• Not be double booking. This limits how many clients I can take in a day from 6 or 8 to about 3 or 4.  So if you go to book on Vagaro and you don’t see an opening on a day you want, it likely doesn’t exist.

• Leave more space between clients. This gives me ample time to properly clean and disinfect my room before your visit.

• Ask you to stay in your car until I text you that I’m ready for you.

•Encourage you to wash your hands in the bathroom, 2 doors down from mine, before you enter my suite.

•Be taking my temperature every morning before work to make sure I’m healthy.

•Ask that you please take your temperature before you come to your appointment.

If either you or I have a fever be prepared for me to decline service.

I’m excited to get back to taking care of my clients but let’s take the right precautions so we can all stay safe.  If you have any questions or need to reach me, please email me at and I will reply to your email Monday through Saturday.

Stay Healthy!