It’s that time of year again… Spring afternoon rains are moving in and the humidity is seemingly endless. While the dewy look can be great for the skin, the moisture in the air wreaks havoc on hair, from making it limp and lifeless to the dreaded frizz effect. And let’s face it, in Florida the heat and humidity are not confined to the Spring and Summer months. Fortunately, there is a way to recharge your hair, breathing body and volume back into those tresses or creating the ultimate in gorgeous smooth styles. Hair Treatments are your solution.

For those who need a boost in the volume department, Goldwell’s Kerasilk Repower Intensive Volume Treatment is designed to be a long-lasting solution that strengthens and adds body to hair for up to 10 washes by improving elasticity and texture through technology known as Elastin. The in-salon treatment feels amazing and leaves hair looking full and shiny.  When visiting the salon for this treatment, here is what you can expect:


If soft and smooth hair is more your style, the Kerasilk Control Keratin Treatment is for you. Dedicated to the individual texture of the hair, this treatment provides perfectly smooth and soft hair for up to three to five months! The secret to this treatment lies in three key ingredients… Keratin, Glyoxylic Acid and Colour-Caring Silk. This magic combination penetrates the hair and creates new keratin bonds to reshape the structure of the hair and giving it a smooth and soft look. Some benefits of this treatment, aside from fabulous looking hair, are:


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Our hair is an investment in who we are and a big part of our identity. With the myriad of products available today, sometimes it is hard to know exactly what your hair needs or how to make the most of the locks we were born with. From shampoos and conditioners to masks and primers, oils or dry shampoos and everything in between, choosing professional products suited to your hair is the key to maintaining healthy and beautiful looking hair. Remember, professional products last much longer than less expensive drug store products that are many times filled with ingredients that can be harmful to your hair. As your stylist, I always have your best interest in mind when it comes to your hair so let’s talk and find the perfect solutions for you.

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