Best Hair Treatment – A Testament for Kerasilk:

Best Hair Treatment – A Testament for Kerasilk: I made it my mission to test the latest and best hair treatment, to uncover the facts for myself! Will it last past the first few washes? Or will the results immediately go the drain? I decided to give it a try… Wash by wash!


Day Of Kerasilk (Day 0) – …Just WOW! My hair was smooth as silk and I can honestly say it’s never looked shinier and SO healthy! The funny thing? I only came for a root touch up, a few “babylights” and decided to add this quick treatment… Notice I didn’t even get a trim and yet my hair was sleek, bouncy and flouncy! It looked so beautiful and youthful, something that I’ve struggled with amidst all my coloring and daily hot tool use. Needless to say, I left the salon that day with a newfound sense of confidence.

Wash 1 (Day 3) – Finally brought myself to wash my bountiful locks, despite my worries that I would have lessened the effects of my treatment. After all, dry shampoo can only take you so far… But I am happy to report that my hair still looks and feels just as soft, supple and bouncy as the day I was introduced to Kerasilk! Also a plus regarding my busy schedule, my hair dried in HALF the amount of time along as frizz free!!

Wash 2 (Day 5) – Once again, Kerasillk, you’re making my hair goals come to life! Still SO shiny, bouncy and easily maintained. I’ve already forgotten how long it would typically take me to dry this normal head of hair…

Washes 3-7 (Days 8-20) – This product is quickly changing my hair’s life as each strand knows it. I am still experiencing the silky shine and manageability though! I believe by this 7th wash, dry time has crept back up considerably.

Washes 8-10 (Days 23-29) – The shininess and bounciness are still holding on strong! The humidity resistance is starting to waiver a bit and dry time is back to normal… however I am already planning my next trip to see Jenn at Vinaccia Hair Goddess in Winter Park Florida!