Best Hair Stylist: Stylish. Simplistic. Straight-forward!

When it comes to my clients’ strands, I always wish for them to look and feel stylish thanks to my efforts. This month, for many in my chair, we want to focus on a few other things as well.

Firstly, thanks to Florida living, the head index and humidity levels will still be in full force throughout the year. Thankfully for you, your stylist always has her clients in mind so let’s find out how I can help you keep it cool and quick, ladies and gentlemen!

Going shorter is always an option I’d love to help you with but more common is the request to maintain the length or help you grow it out… So, upon lengthy research, I discovered the most perfect article sported by Harper’s Bazaar describing tips for simplicity trending straight from the runways! Cue the effortless pony, carelessly slicked back and secured not by just a pony-tail elastic but by a chic, coquettish black ribbon. It sounds too simple but designers everywhere from the likes of New York, Paris and Milan are playing with the black bow trend. Incorporate this simplified staple in fabrics of velvet, silk, lace, whatever! Just be sure to make it yours with a spin of your own.

Next up in your hairstyle que is the ever-appreciated braid. Much like the pony, this hair trend also totes versatility that is limitless in terms of individual style. Think singular French braid, side-swept ear braid, fishtail, etc. that travels the length of your hair. One may also think of cool-girl corn-row braids in chunky rows of three or four, secured back into a tight ponytail for alternating texture that adds a sense of fashion-forward flare.

So, without further ado, I want to highlight for all my lovely clients one last look, which can be a hard one to grasp but just as simple as the others. It’s all about embracing the natural look and texture of your tresses—with an added visual element of a trendy clip, blingy barrette or flirty headband to add simple hair style. In this way you’re able to secure your lose strands back, off your face and out of mind to keep you ready for the breezy air with worry-free hair.

I hope one of these stylish, simple, straight-forward hairstyles offers you use in the last few weeks of the summer heat. And just know that for you, I’m always a simple booking away!