Best Hair Style Advice with Vianccia Hair

Fall-Forward Hair Fashion

Are you ready for Fall?

I’m talking about Florida Fall, people! The weather is no longer scorching, the humidity index lessens, and days spent by the water can still be enjoyed for another month or so. Of course we can’t forget the reintroduction to some of our favorite flavors like pumpkin spice and warm maple honey!

As much as the foodie in me loves these flavors to eat, I think we could actually find more use for some of these terms in our hair trends. Don’t believe me? I would love to share with you! Pumpkin spice is actually a favorite trend of mine to create with my dark blonde and brunette clients that I’ve played with the past year or so. We begin with a deep, rich, golden, brown base and add baby lights toned with shades of copper. The finished product is a gorgeous masterpiece featuring undertones of copper, rosey-gold and warm browns!

For my goldilocks looking for a bit of a change, I would love to lead you to the end of your search, warm honey blonde! This transition is a subtle shade warmer than your current hue, and I have seen it utilized perfectly blended throughout the hair shaft, as seen by Claire Danes, as well as just focusing on the roots and faded into highlighted ends, just like January Jones here. With this color we start by once again darkening the base but using a warm color moving away from Ash and toning down already their highlights with a deeper base to lighter ends. This play on tone can be the perfect way to incorporate change without the worry of altering your look too drastically, for those who plan to go lighter again come Spring.

Whether or not we play with some new color in your strands or you choose to stick to the basic flavors for your foods, I hope to see you all very soon! Happy Fall to all of my lovely clients and anyone reading who may be looking for future services in my chair!