When a natural blonde chooses to dye his or her hair a darker shade or tone, there are a few things one must consider! NEVER use permanent color. Permanent is for the permanent lighting action NOT the color which will fade. If you  are going darker use an alkaline deposit-only color, sometimes called a “demi”. The color will last as long as a permanent but if it fades your natural color is underneath, not an artificial-looking color.

When refreshing ALWAYS use an acid-based color on your mid shaft and ends. If you pull the same color through the ends that you use for root touch ups, you WILL damage and dry your hair. Also, the dye load at the ends of your hair will be darker and ultimately become harder to lift when trying to put in highlights. Hence the dreaded look of darker, flat colored ends and “hot” looking roots.

At some point you WILL want to go back to your natural color. The only way to do that in a controlled, healthy manner is by regular visits consisting of treatments of color-pigment remover. Often times these processes also consist of: FULL-head, heavy highlights, acid-based glosses, deep conditioning treatments and trims to keep the ends healthy.

If you have been doing my suggestions above, you might be able to get back to your natural color in 3 – 4 visits to me! If you’ve been using a box Color, Permanent Hair Color, have been pulling color through to the ends, or are going from Red to blonde, plan on it taking 5 to 6 visits to do this in a safe manner. Otherwise you’ll be looking at a pixie cut in your future because of the damage your hair has sustained from trying to do it all too quickly. The first 2 visits are the worst. Plan on the first visit taking 5 to 6 hours and you may not be extremely happy with the color of your hair. One must remember though, you did this to yourself but it will all be over soon, just stick to the plan!

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