2023 Winter Hairstyle Trends For Women

2023 Winter hairstyle trends for women. As we approach the winter of 2023, one might assume that hair trends will take a back seat to the warmth of cozy hats and hooded attire. However, the 2023 Winter hairstyle trends for women are simply too spectacular to be concealed beneath layers of winter garments. Drawing inspiration from the fall/winter runways at New York Fashion Week, as well as fashion shows in Milan, Paris, and London, we are expecting a season brimming with richness and attraction. Anticipate the emergence of dazzling accessories, sleek hairstyles, and audacious statements that will elevate your winter fashion.

Renowned hairstylist Tatum Neill has shared valuable insights into the foremost 2023 Winter hairstyles for women, which we will delve into below. In addition, we will provide exclusive tips and product recommendations, allowing you to effortlessly achieve these looks without the need for a professional styling team.

The Wet Look: 2023 Winter Hairstyle Trends For Women

Embrace the appeal of a glistening finish for your hair. To achieve that glossy effect, apply a generous amount of mousse or a spritz of shine spray to your locks. This trend, as exemplified by Gigi Hadid, took the runways by storm at shows like Brandon Maxwell, Adeam, and Maison Margiela. Models confidently showcased sleek, wet hair, often pulled back behind their ears. Zimmerman, in particular, displayed models with wet-look hair elegantly fashioned into tight, low buns.

The “Cinnamon Cookie Butter” Hair Color Trend

Anticipate the widespread adoption of “cinnamon cookie butter” hair color this winter, as notably worn by trendsetter Hailey Bieber. This reddish-cinnamon hue is poised to make a resounding statement. It is important to note that red hair color can be delicate, so preserving its radiance entails using a color-safe shampoo and reducing exposure to hot water and UV rays, which can cause premature fading.

Sculptural Braids For Winter 2023

One of the biggest 2023 Winter hairstyle trends for women is sure to be sculptural braids. Braids transcend mere hairstyling and evolve into artistic expressions, courtesy of designers such as Tia Adeola and Chanel. These sculptural braids can become your signature style for holiday gatherings or even a casual visit to the grocery store if you’re inclined to add a touch of elegance. Achieving this look is convenient—simply request micro braids and then secure them into ballerina buns using bobby pins. Alternatively, entrust your stylist to fashion a sleek updo and incorporate jumbo braids intertwined to create a stylish bow.

The “Fox” Colored Hair For Winter

A daring prediction for the younger generation, Gen Z, is the “fox” color trend, a dip-dye technique gaining tremendous popularity on Instagram and TikTok. The beauty of this trend lies in its flexibility—you only need to add color to your ends, making it a simple adjustment should you decide on a change.

Bow Hair Accessories Trend

Capture the essence of ballet with the sophistication of bow hair accessories. Whether you opt for a single ribbon bow in your ponytail or layer multiple bows with varying textures, much like hairstylist Justine Marjan’s creative styling for Dorit Kemsley, this trend is a do-it-yourself dream. Experiment with craft ribbon to craft your distinctive, refined look.

Short Bob Haircuts for Winter

The most stylish haircut trend for winter is undoubtedly the chic and uncomplicated short bob, as impeccably displayed by celebrities such as Laura Harrier. This style gained momentum during the summer and continues to be a popular choice as we transition into winter.

Birkin Bangs

For those who are not ready for a complete haircut transformation, bangs are set to become another prominent trend. The “Birkin-bangs” style, as exemplified by Emily Ratajkowski, features thick, full bangs that can be easily parted in the middle for a curtain-style effect. Bangs are particularly advantageous in winter, as they are less prone to becoming oily in cooler temperatures.

What Will Your Hairstyle Be This Winter?

Incorporate these trends into your winter 2023 look and stay at the forefront of fashion innovation. Whether you are captivated by the allure of the wet look, intrigued by vibrant hair colors, drawn to sculptural braids, or enamored with chic accessories, there is a trend suited to every style preference. Explore these styles and embrace the elegance and allure of the winter season. Book your next appointment with Vinaccia Hair Studio now.